LWS is the place to find your people.

Ladies Who Strategize (LWS) is a supportive community of women and non-binary strategists. This is the place to find strategy resources, jobs and freelance gigs, friends and collaborators, and the very best margarita recipes.

If you identify as female or non-binary, and are a strategist, apply.


Founded In 2016 by Kim Mackenzie, we are a community of over 2,500 women and non-binary strategists.

In 2021 Business Insider ranked LWS as one of the most coveted private networking groups for marketers. We are routinely cited as one of the best online/offline private marketing and advertising communities. And, we’ve been featured everywhere, from The Marketing Society to 4As to WARC.

Powered by founder Kim Mackenzie and a volunteer board of advisors, LWS is a professional and personal safe space. Our community is also a daily resource for advice, tools for strategic, professional, and personal growth, and a hub for collaboration.

We host online and in-person gatherings and events via slack, zoom, the beach, French villas, Mexican haciendas, excellent cocktail bars, and over delicious dinners.

We are grateful to our Lunch Break volunteer moderators.


A place to find connection, friendship, and support.


  • An active and thriving slack community of mid to CSO level strategists
  • Access to our paid tiers, including Freelance Club, Agency Leadership, and Agency Owners
  • Weekly EST zoom Lunch Breaks to connect with members
  • Hive Mind zoom share-outs on strategic and life skills topics that matter
  • Monthly EU zoom Coffee Breaks
  • Whiskey Breaks to meet members in a moderated setting
  • Vetted job listings from top companies, agencies, and start-ups


  • In-person dinners in our major member cities (NYC, LA, London, SF, Toronto)
  • Annual international retreat
  • Industry events (Cannes Lions)
  • Happy Hours, Museum visits, Movie Nights, and Taylor Swift concerts

Gain access to highly skilled members and support gender equality

LWS members are from everywhere, both geographically speaking and also representing the top agencies, branding firms, and F500 companies on a global scale. Sponsoring LWS means that you’ll be known as a supporter of equality amongst our 2,000+ members.

We have a variety of sponsorship packages available, Including one off events and quarterly commitments. In order to become a sponsor your company will need to have demonstrated action, investment, and commitment to gender equality.



Be Seen

This is a space to show up as your real self, but also as a strategist. Be yourself without judgement.


Learn Collectively

Strategy is not a solitary sport and neither should leveling up be. Our learning experiences are non-hierarchical, active, and shared. Discussions, not lectures.


Make Friends, Not Just Connections

Interesting friends lead to a flavorful life. Same goes for your career. Befriend others because you want to and awesomeness just might come from it.


Balance and Trust

We’re a trusted place where you are welcome to offer help and also to ask for it. Our guidelines set up a safe exchange of ideas, support, and resources.


Sustainable Community

We are powered by volunteer moderators, a volunteer Advisory Board, and thousands of community members who circulate their insights and perspectives daily. Membership to essential LWS slack channels will always be free. To cover our operating costs, we offer paid membership tiers and events at fair prices.

DE&I Statement

LWS values action above words and intention, so we prioritize these areas:

People of color who identify as female or non-binary are welcome to apply.

LWS paid channels and events are offered free of charge on discretion to those who may benefit from access to this provisional support. On a regular basis our members voluntarily donate to scholarships so that other members with financial hardship can be covered.

We strive to make LWS a safe space for all. Members have ongoing access to regular zoom and in-person gatherings that are specifically designed to facilitate offering support and nurturing friendships, various slack channels catering to a breadth of member needs, and our entire online community. These are carefully moderated to ensure the well-being of both members and moderators. 

We offer private spaces for members who request them, based on shared life experiences. This can be everything from private channels on fertility to actioning The Artist’s Way as a group.

If you identify as female or non-binary, and are a strategist, apply.