Gain access to exceptional candidates

LWS is chock full of talented mid to CSO level candidates and, more often than not, your employees who can provide more context and color to what it’s like to work in your agency or company.

It’s no surprise that we’ve connected hundreds of members to roles which they would not have otherwise applied for.

We fill both freelance and permanent roles.



A job post ($300) in our permanent roles slack channel. We will work with you to help tailor the post for the group to ensure you get some quality responses.



A permanent job listing ($600) in our monthly newsletter. Our average open rate is 70.1% for our 2.1k+ subscribers, who often forward the newsletter across their networks so more eyeballs see it over time.

Each job post or listing is for one job.

Payment is only via Paypal (this will include a 4% fee), yes you can connect your company CC to it. 

Reach out directly to for payment information and the job post template.


Freelance gigs are free to post, fill out our form (here) and your gig will go live within 24 hours.